Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What sort of competitions do you list?
A: lists lots of different types of competitions with lots of different types of prizes. As long as they're awarding prizes to Aussies they will be listed!

Q: Does it cost anything to enter the competitions? prefers to only include free-to-enter competitions but will sometimes list ones from selected charities and sponsors that are low-cost to enter. does however stay away from premium pay-to-enter competitions where you need to make phone calls/SMS and ones where a product purchase is required to enter.

Q: Are the comps available to all Australian States?
A: As much as possible, however sometimes certain states are excluded for various reasons by the comp promoter. If you are unsure of the competition's entry conditions please review their terms before you enter.

Q: How many competitions do you list each day?
A: lists up to 20 comps every day, 365 days a year. The daily amount varies depending upon how many competitions we find or have submitted to us. Plus there is always an increase in the number of comps listed in the weeks leading up to an event such as Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day and Christmas.

Q: How do I know when new competitions are listed each day?
A: Comps are listed throughout the day and are usually all online by late afternoon each day.

Q: Do I need Facebook/Twitter/Instagram etc. to enter competitions?
A: lists lots of competitions each day from a variety of sources and although many comps are hosted on the promoter's websites, these days a large percentage are run via Facebook pages and/or via Facebook applications. Not many Australian comps are hosted exclusively on Twitter, Instagram or other social media sites however some Facebook or website hosted comps might offer bonus entries for sharing on one of these sites. So to answer the question honestly, if you are fair dinkum about your comping you will need a Facebook account at the very minimum and other social media accounts if you are keen to enter more comps or get more entries.

Q: You used to post daily to Facebook and Twitter. What happened?
A: was getting repetively blocked from posting on Facebook due to (most likely) breaching rules about 'Promotional Posts'. As all competitions are essentially promotional posts, and only posted competitions, daily comps could no longer be posted to Facebook. Additionally, Facebook stopped from sharing posts directly from and to Twitter so now, unfortunately, all comp listings are done exclusively on the website with no social media support.

Q: Do you manage/run the competitions? Can you setup a comp for me?
A: Sorry, does not offer competition hosting or administration. There are a number of very good DIY competition management platforms available these days which provide an easy, convenient and cost-effective (some are free!) way to run a social media and/or website competition. DIY platforms such as Woobox, Rafflecopter, Gleam, Vyper etc. are very easy to use and are great for boosting social interaction with your comp and your business.

Q: How do I enter the competitions?
A: Each competition will have different ways to enter. Some are simple forms that asks for your name and email address, others may require a WOL answer ('words or less' eg. 25WOL) and others may ask for a photo, a caption, the completion of a survey or your left leg and/or first born child (not really, but some entry forms feel like that). tries to stay away from those competitions with overly complex, extremely difficult or ridiculous entry requirements!

Q: What's my chances of winning a comp?
A: The chances of winning come down to how many other people have entered the comp and/or how original and interesting your entry is (for written and creative types).

Q: How do I increase my chances of winning competitions?
A: Simple - enter, enter, enter! The more competitions you enter, the more likely it is that you will win. Also, don't be scared of entering the harder comps that require a WOL (Words or Less) written answer, photo/video submission comps, trivia/answers comps etc. because these comps usually have much less people entering so your odds of winning will be increased.

Q: I'm not winning anything... HELP!
A: I personally enter over 200 comps each month and usually win 1 or 2 small prizes each month (like DVDs, books, candles, toys etc.) and win around 1 or 2 bigger prizes each year (have won an outboard motor, camping gear, electronics and more). So the odds of winning are actually not very good but the thrill of winning small prizes and the chance of picking up a massive prize (house/car/cash etc.) is what keeps me motivated to enter lots of comps every day.

Q: What are the entry terms for the comps?
A: Each competition will have it's own terms and conditions and a link to the T&C will usually be found on the competition entry page or entry form. Please review the terms and conditions of each competition before you enter them.

Q: Who won a comp or how do I know if I've won a comp?
A: The way each comp promoter announces and/or notifies winners will usually be noted on their competition page/form or in their terms and conditions. In most cases, if you win you will be notified via email or Facebook private message but sometimes you might be 'tagged' in a Facebook list on their FB page. Make sure you check your emails and Facebook messages (including the 'Others' folder) regularly because some comps want you to claim your prize within a certain timeframe (eg. 24-72 hours) and if you miss their message you miss out on the prize!

Q: What are 'Featured Comps'?
A: Featured Comps are highlighted premium listings that are in rotation with other Featured Comps at the top of the 'All Comps' page and their Category listing page.

Q: Can I list my competition as a Featured Comp?
A: Yes! Please see the Comp Promotion page for details and prices.

Q: Who is the owner/admin of
A: I am! My name is Scott and I'm a competition nut! Please see the About Us page for more info.

Q: Does the owner/admin enter the comps too?
A: Yes! I'm a comper too and that's how I find most of the comps for you.

Q: Do you keep the good comps for yourselves?
A: No, I don't keep any comps just for me! I love sharing all of the best Australian competitions and list them on whether they are for a toy car or a real car, a poster of a plane or flights to Europe, one dollar or a million dollars! In fact, the more competitions I list, the better it is for all of us in the long run because comp promoters are more likely to offer more competitions or bigger prizes in the future if their comps, products and services are seen by lots of people.

Q: Is the promoter of the comps?
A: No. simply lists publicly available links to competitions and links provided by comp promoters, referral advertisers and sponsors.

Q: How do you find all of the competitions?
A: The comps that are listed on come from a number of sources including my friends and I sharing links with each other, Facebook posts by comp promoters, various Facebook searches, 2 different advanced Google searches, newsletters/emails from comp promoters and businesses/referral advertisers submitting their comps via the Comp Promotion page.

Q: Some comps only have a draw date or winner announcement date. When do the entries close?
A: The way comps are conducted is they open, they run (accept entries), they close (no more entries), they are drawn and the winner's are notified and/or announced. If a comp says it is drawn or announced on a particular date but doesn't state a close date/time for entries, it is worth getting your entry in the day before if possible to ensure you have entered in time. The listings for comps without an exact close time are set to expire on the database at 9.00am AEST on the day of draw/announcement.

Q: You used to list more comps each day. What happened?
A: After looking at both the old Facebook post visitor/click stats and the newer website listing visitor stats it became clear that the lower value prizes were getting significantly less hits/views than higher value prizes. As such, I decided that I could save myself many hours each day by only finding and listing higher value prizes. The exception to this is for client submitted lower value comps which I will happily list on

Q: Will I get scammed by entering competitions?
A: Unlike a number of other competition services out there, manually reviews every competition before listing them. After all, my friends and I enter the comps too and we don't want to be scammed either! will not list any competitions or giveaways that don't seem to be 100% legitimate however compers should still use their common sense and not enter any comps that seem dodgy or too good to be true. If you do find something a bit fishy please contact me immediately via Facebook or email so that the comp can be investigated.

Q: Will I get spammed by entering competitions?
Most competitions require your name and email address at the very minimum and many of the comp promoters will use this to send you legitimate marketing materials once the competition has ended (some will unfortunately send you MUCH more than others). As far as avoiding spam (unsolicited emails), it is a good idea to have an seperate email account to use solely for entering comps (for example, a free Gmail or Yahoo account). carries out manual reviews on all competitions before sharing them and have been fortunate enough to receive very few unwelcome emails even after entering 10s of 1000s of competitions over the years!

Q: Can I list my competition on
A: Yes! Please see the Comp Promotion page for submission details.

Q: Is it free to list a competition on
A: does have a free option for a one-time online listing but the better option is to have your competition displayed as a 'Featured Comp'. This way your comp gets maximum exposure at the top of the All Comps page and its own Category page (in rotation with other Featured Comps) and does not slip down the pages like free listings. Please see the Comp Promotion page for details and pricing.

Q: How can I get my free listing back to the top of page one?
A: has a 'Bump Up' option for free listings. For as little as 30¢ per bump you can have your free listing bumped back up to the top of the home page (All Comps) listings and its category page (under any Featured Comp/s). These bump ups are done after all new listings are completed for the day so that your comp will remain at the top of the free listings for at least 15 hours before more new comps are added. Please see the Comp Promotion page for details and pricing.

Q: Do you only list affiliate/referral links?
A: No. Only a small number of comps listed each day contain an affiliate or referral link. Some of these links are listed for people who have paid to have their affiliate or referral link listed while others are businesses or sponsors that have paid to have a tracking or affiliate link listed.

Q: Can I list my affiliate/referral links?
A: Yes! Referral links can be listed with either the 'Bump Up' or 'Featured Comp' options. Please see the Comp Promotion page for details and pricing.

Please email if you have any other questions. Good luck with your comping, I hope you win!

These FAQs were last updated 28/05/2019