About AussieComps.com

In the beginning...

Before AussieComps.com, we were simply a group of competition-lovin' friends sharing comps and giveaways amongst each other. Sarah, Danielle, John, Kelly and myself had been emailing each other new competitions every day for many years but it got quite messy with each of us frequently getting duplicate comps from one another. So, an idea was hatched to setup a competition list on a database for ourselves to access and enter our comps from. In early 2013 we decided instead to combine this idea with a website for all Australians to share the comps with us!

We knew of other competition websites but we wanted ours to give people fresh, new comps every day of the year. So, with that in mind, Australian Competitions (now AussieComps.com) was designed and built during June and July 2013 and the online sites officially launched on the 3rd of August 2013.

For the first year I ran the technical side of things while Sarah and Danielle handled the admin side of things and John and Kelly researched most of the comps. During early 2014, we began streamlining our daily competition posting procedures and I took over most of the daily posting and some admin duties as Sarah and Danielle were getting very busy with another business venture. As of our first birthday (3rd August 2014) I became the sole admin of AussieComps.com with John and Kelly still helping me out with finding new comps.

~Scott (August 2014)

About Scott (aka The Owner/Admin)

I am a former self-employed website designer and I first met Sarah (co-founder of Australian Competitions) in 2005 when I designed a website for Sarah's hubby's business! I've always loved entering comps, having being a part-time comper for 20-odd years before I became involved with Australian Competitions/AussieComps.com. Perhaps it stems from my younger days (I'm 40-odd now) when I was a fiercely competitive Aussie Rules footballer and all-round cricket player and my competitive spirit has flowed on into my comping hobby obsession :)

As mentioned, I used to run my own website design business. This was a 60 hour a week full-time gig for over 10 years until I had to start reducing my working hours to spend more time each week at home as a carer for my disabled wife of 15 years. Unfortunately, her disability has deteriorated over the last eight years to a point where we are regularly having to travel 170km to a major regional hospital or 270km to a major city hospital for her to get specialist medical treatment. That travel is on top of the 2-3 times a week she is required to attend the local (country town in WA) hospital and the numerous home treatment sessions of me having to give her injections and medications to ease her pain :(

So, these days I spend my time doing infrequent website design projects from home, travelling with my wife to medical appointments, caring for my wife, running the household, bringing up our three teeenage kids and, of course, finding lots of awesome comps for the amazing followers of AussieComps.com. I have a pretty good daily schedule that allows me to do everything that needs to be done each day but if you ever see me list a bunch of comps on the website, then another batch an hour or two later, then another batch a few hours later you can safely guess that I'm probably helping the wife, running her to a medical appointment, entering some comps myself, being a teenager's taxi service or doing some shopping/cooking/cleaning/washing etc. Still, I'm not complaining because there are lots of people in the world worse off than the wife and I!

When the girls had to quit Australian Competitions, I never once thought about becoming the sole AussieComps.com owner/admin to be greedy and make a tonne of money. In fact, AussieComps.com doesn't make my family and I much money each month at all. I did however decide from the very beginning that it would be an extension of my comping addiction and would allow me to continue entering lots of competitions each day with the hope of winning some amazing prizes. I also wanted AussieComps.com to become an ideal vehicle for me to help as many everyday Aussies as possible to better their lives, even just a little, by allowing them to enter some great comps and hopefully win a few prizes here and there. I have also found AussieComps.com (especially via Facebook 'tags') is terrific for promoting the wonderful competition providers for whom without them there would be no competitions for us to enter and win!

I genuinely love everything about comping - finding and researching the comps, entering and sharing them, promoting awesome Aussie businesses, helping Aussies win some cool prizes, winning things for myself and my family etc. - and I genuinely love running AussieComps.com. If you would like to contact me about absolutely anything (even just to say g'day) please email me at and I will reply to you as soon as possible. Good luck with your comping, I hope you win :)

~Scott (Updated January 2018)