News & Updates

14 November 2018: Due to a change of banks, I have had to remove Bpay as a payment option for 'Bump Up' and 'Featured Comp' listings. Sorry for the inconvenience.   ~Scott

08 September 2018: I'm Baaaack! My hospital visit and heart procedure went well and I arrived home yesterday afternoon ready for a big sleep in my own bed (those hospital beds really are uncomfortable). Lots of new comps will be listed today to catch up for the missed days. Good luck Compers!   ~Scott

02 September 2018: This coming Thursday and Friday (6th & 7th of Sept.) I will be in hospital in the city so no new comps will be listed on on those days. I'm having a 'minor' heart procedure done but apparently it's low-risk so don't panic, I'll be back with new comp listings on Saturday the 8th.   ~Scott

01 September 2018: Yesterday's prediction about the new month comps was correct! There's some awesome new comps just listed on so go and enter now!   ~Scott

31 August 2018: Over 80 end-of-the-month comps have closed and been removed from the listings in the last couple of days but never fear... the 1st of the new month comps are near :)   ~Scott

03 July 2018: Grrr.. Bloody Facebook! My summary and update posts are either not being published or are being published and being removed soon after publishing. After the rubbish that happened on the AC Facebook page last July and a number of other times over the years (see below) I have decided to give 'Farcebook' the middle finger and stop posting a daily summary on FB. New comps will still be regularly listed on the website so check back often.   ~Scott

27 June 2018: Facebook is playing games with AGAIN. The daily summary posts are not being posted or are being posted as an image only and not put on the home page! Sorry for the inconvenience...   ~Scott

27 January 2018: is now officially a secure website. A a Comodo SSL Website Security Certificate has been issued to and the a Comodo TrustLogo is now proudly displayed at the bottom of the home page.   ~Scott

26 January 2018: HAPPY STRAYA DAY!!!   ~Scott

20 January 2018: After many requests since I started the website listings back in August, I have finally found the time to update the website and make it mobile friendly! So to all my long suffering mobile and tablet users I hope the new website makes life much easier for you :)   ~Scott

01 January 2018: Happy New Year Compers! I honestly hope you all have amazing luck with comping this year.   ~Scott

31 December 2017: *YAY* The internet has just started working again so new listings will be online very soon.   ~Scott

31 December 2017: My apologies Compers! Due to a 30 hour NBN internet outage in my area, I have been unable to list any new giveaways on the website yesterday or this morning. This is only the fourth time in five years I have missed a whole day of posting or listing comps. One missed day was due to a power outage, one was when Facebook did a page ban (before I found a workaround) and the other two were because of internet outages!   ~Scott

11 December 2017: The winners of the Christmas Giveaway have been drawn and notified. The winner of the 'Something For Everyone' bundle is Elizabeth Kaminski and the 3 runner up winners of 5-day 'Featured Comp' listings on are Rebecca Costa, Maree Gray and Terri Todd. Thank you to everyone that entered   ~Scott

19 November 2017: I have decided to have a Christmas comp on this year to say thank you to everyone for sticking with me during the Facebook issues and with the new website listings. Check out the comp in the Featured Comps at the top of the home page.   ~Scott

05 November 2017: *YAY* Christmas comps have started to roll in. I hope you all have a lucky festive season of giveaways.   ~Scott

04 November 2017: Due to various website addresses breaking the website listings, the optional short URLs (eg. are now going to applied to all competition links. These short links redirect seemlessly to the original URL and actually look much nicer.   ~Scott

04 October 2017: FYI, for those of you who asked when the website listings went live, I have decided not to implement a newsletter at this time. The way I see it, a newsletter will take up even more of my time (that I really don't have) and will only be repeating what is already shown on the website or on the daily Facebook summary. I may however consider setting one up next year if I can find a way of getting enough fresh content to put in it.   ~Scott

04 October 2017: A number of old sponsors and referral promoters have come onboard since the changeover to the website listings and they seem to be liking the way their comps are being promoted on the website. Because I feel is ready to grow, I've decided to reduce the price of premium listings (Featured Comps & Bump Ups) to try and encourage some new sponsors to give a go for promoting their comps. If you know of any businesses who are running a comp please do let them know about   ~Scott

03 October 2017: It's been 6 weeks since the comp listing script went live on the website and I think I've finally got the hang of it! I have had some very nice feedback from some long-time compers and I certainly hope the rest of you wonderful compers are enjoying the new listing format.   ~Scott

21 August 2017: The new comp listing script is live on the website! I am still tinkering with a few things to make sure it works properly so you may still see a few changes in the coming days. I also have to re-write some of the old web pages which will be happening shortly. Thanks for your continued support.   ~Scott

17 August 2017: I have finally started working on a script for listing competitons on the website which should be live by early next week (around the 21st or 22nd). It's such a shame that Facebook decided to repetitively punish me for posting harmless 'promotional posts' when they seem to allow lots of morally/legally wrong posts on their platform and do not punish them. Despite my current contempt of Facebook, once the website posts start I will still be posting a carefully worded daily summary to Facebook once all new comps are live on the website each day. More to come...   ~Scott

08 August 2017: is still posting via a little known method to avoid the idiotic Facebook blocks for sharing competition posts. Unfortunately the AC FB page remains at risk of a perma-ban while I'm trying to find the time and energy to put together another way of publishing comps each day. If the FB page does disappear, please visit this page for updates.   ~Scott

03 August 2017: is 4 today although with the issues going on with the AC Facebook page and with my wife's ill health there's little to celebrate. I will however say thank you to each and every one of you for your support over the past four years and a massive thanks to all of the awesome competition promoters for the amazing prizes they give away each and every day.   ~Scott

31 July 2017: With the ongoing Facebook issue still in effect, I'm continuing to post daily using the little known backdoor method. My wife is quite ill at the moment so I do not honestly have any spare time to look for another option for posting the comps. I do believe I will end up posting all comps to the website but I will still do a daily summary on Facebook (if they allow it). More to come...   ~Scott

15 July 2017: The Facebook page has been in trouble for (most likely) breaching rules about 'Promotional Posts'. As all competitions are essentially promotional posts and only posts competitions it's a catch 22 situation! The breach last week saw the AC FB page in 'Facebook Jail' (blocked from posting normally and reduced post visibilty) for a week but a new block has started this morning which is again affecting the way posts are shared. As Facebook is no longer a viable option for posting comps, I'm now looking at doing the daily comp posts via the website or some other platform. More to come...   ~Scott

12 June 2017: I keep receiving the same questions regularly that are clearly answered on the FAQs page. Please check this page before submitting a question however if your question is not answered on the FAQs then feel free to email me at   ~Scott

14 May 2017: Happy Mother's Day! The daily posting record that was set a moth ago (and equalled a couple of weeks ago) has been broken AGAIN! Today there were 61 giveaways shared on thanks to the amazing comp providers that continue to give us so many awesome competitions to enter every day.   ~Scott

29 April 2017: The daily posting record (set 2 weeks ago) has been equalled! 60 awesome comps were shared today.   ~Scott

14 April 2017: Happy Easter! So it's Good Friday and obviously Facebook was having some downtime too! After having an absolutely horrendous time trying to post comps on Facebook today (taking me nearly 4 hours to do so), I was pleasantly surprised to find that has set a new daily posting record with 60 comps shared. Thank you to all compers and comp providers for your continued support.   ~Scott

02 April 2017: After numerous complaints about referral links provided via the Woobox competition platform being bypassed, I will now shorten ALL Woobox referral links with a unique shortened URL (eg. that redirects seemlessly to the original link.   ~Scott

04 March 2017: Today a new daily posting record was set! 59 awesome competitions were shared on up from the previous record of 56 comps set back in October. None of us could enter and potentially win so many amazing giveaways each day without the continued support the amazing competition promoters. So thank you to all the comp promoters and the wonderful supportes of the FB page and website.   ~Scott

01 January 2017: Happy New Year and good luck with your comping this year.   ~Scott

12 December 2016: Thank you, thank you, thank you! hit 3000 Facebook page likes late last night! Thank you one and all for the continued support over the past 3.5 years.   ~Scott

15 October 2016: Another week, another daily posting record! Today there were 56 awesome competitions shared on up from the recently set record of 54 shared on 01 October 2016. All I can say is WOW! Thank you to everyone for your continued support and a special thank you to the wonderful competition promoters.   ~Scott

01 October 2016: Another daily posting record has been set! Today there were 54 awesome competitions shared on up from the previous record of 50 comps posted on 09 June 2016. Please, please, please continue to support the amazing competition promoters because without them there would be no comps for us to enter (and win).   ~Scott

10 September 2016: One of's old sponsors has returned to promote their referral links for Mater Prize Homes and The Deaf Lottery. If you feel like spending a few dollars helping one or both of these amazing charities while giving yourself a chance of winning a life-changing major prize or awesome minor prize, please keep an eye out for the links posted every couple of days or click one of the banners on the website.   ~Scott

03 August 2016: is 3 today! Thank you to everyone for your support over the past three amazing years.   ~Scott

09 June 2016: Another month, another daily posting record! Today there were 50 awesome competitions shared on with a total prize value over $120000! Additionally, I've noticed that the Facebook page has had a surge in new followers with over 200 new people joining the page in the last month.   ~Scott

08 May 2016: Happy Mother's Day! Unbelievably, the daily posting record (set a week ago) has been equalled today! 47 awesome competitions were shared again today!   ~Scott

03 May 2016: The daily posting record has been broken with 47 awesome competitions shared today! As the previous record of 45 posts (from February) was equalled twice in the past two weeks and then broken today, I'm wondering if we will see a 50+ posting day soon!   ~Scott

01 May 2016: The daily posting record was equalled AGAIN today with 45 competitions shared today! It was only 8 days ago on the 23 April that the 04 February record was equalled the first time!   ~Scott

23 April 2016: The daily posting record was equalled today! A massive 45 competitions were shared again today, the same amount as the current record set on 04 February 2016!   ~Scott

15 March 2016: After receiving a few similar questions over recent weeks, I have updated the Frequently Asked Questions page   ~Scott

04 February 2016: The daily posting record has been broken again with a huge 45 competitions shared today (up from 43 posted on 02/12/16)!   ~Scott

17 January 2016: I've just added a Terms and Conditions page for free and premium competition submissions. Please review the terms before submitting any comps.   ~Scott

15 January 2016: After last week's record $1.3bn USA Powerball people have asked if the Lottery Sponsor was 'LottoLand', a new Northern Territory gambling site that has been in the news for allowing Aussies to play International Lotteries.'s main lottery sponsor is PlayHugeLottos/EuroMillions (and their affiliate companies) who legally buy tickets on a player's behalf in International Lottery draws. The tickets can be purchased by residents of most countries around the world (including Australia) and only cost a fraction more per ticket than the actual cost if they were purchased in person.

Lottoland, on the other hand, only allows Aussies to 'gamble' on the result of international lotteries so the player is never actually entered into the draw and they charge the players punters over 3 times the cost of an actual ticket!   ~Scott

01 January 2016: I've just uploaded new header banners to the website, Facebook and Twitter with the name. This is a step away from the original and waaay too long 'Australian Competitions' branding and is much shorter and nicer for promoting the site/pages during 2016.   ~Scott

01 January 2016: Happy New Year Compers! Good luck with your comping in 2016.   ~Scott

31 December 2015: To try and streamline my daily routine (see the About Us page) I'm no longer going to post the evening comp reminder each day. Instead I'll continue posting the daily competition summary but put it online later in the afternoon.   ~Scott

29 December 2015: Due to a 12 hour power outage, I have been unable to do the daily competition postings today. This is the first day in nearly 2.5 years that has not shared any comps and, on a personal level, I'm feeling a mixture of sadness and anger because I feel that I've let everyone down.   ~Scott

02 December 2015: The daily posting record has just been broken with a massive 43 competitions shared today (up from 40 posted on 25/08/15)!   ~Scott

21 October 2015: I've been receiving a few similar questions lately so the FAQs page has been updated. I've also been receiving quite a few "Who are you?", "Who is the admin/owner?" questions so I've decided to add some personal info about myself to the About Us page.   ~Scott

07 October 2015: Good ol' Facebook decided to lock my personal account this morning for an identity check! Luckily it only took a few hours to verify my details but the daily comp posts were running late because of this inconvenience. Turned out Facebook's database had my date of birth listed as "Data Array" (even though my real DOB is listed on my account) so they assumed I must of been under 13 *rolls eyes*   ~Scott

18 September 2015: As part of the transition from the old .net domain, I'm in the process of changing the Facebook and Twitter page names to reflect the new u-beaut domain name but don't worry... it's only a social media name change. Everything else is still the same ol' Australian Competitions!   ~Scott

30 August 2015: We are up and running with our new domain name - - but everything for you guys should be the same. The old, long .net domain name redirects to the new one as does the old email address.   ~Scott

29 August 2015: Due to Facebook disliking Australian Competitions linking Twitter posts to the FB page (and showing the posts to very few people) I'm now doing it the other way around. Today's comp posts were done on Facebook which were linked to on Twitter. Makes it a little unfair on the Twitter followers but allows me to show more comps to more Facebook followers and allow better tagging of the competition promoters. After all, without them there would be no comps and no prizes.   ~Scott

25 August 2015: Australian Competitions has broken the daily posting record!!! The previous record was 37 competition posts set on Easter Saturday 2015 and today there was a mammoth 40 comps posted thanks largely to an increase in Father's Day giveaways!!!   ~Scott

08 August 2015: I've managed to purchase an exclusive (and much nicer/shorter) new domain name - - which I will be setting up the website on in the coming weeks.   ~Scott

04 August 2015: John and Kelly, the Australian Competitions competition researchers and dear friends, are no longer on the team due to other (overseas) business commitments. Luckily I have streamlined the whole daily comp sourcing and posting thing and am quite comfortable doing it on my own.   ~Scott

03 August 2015: Australian Competitions is 2 today. Happy Birthday To Us!   ~Scott

04 April 2015: Today we set a new record for the highest amout of competitions posted - 37 (up from the previous 34)! Lots of them were Easter related but still it's great to see that more and more businesses and Facebook page owners are realising the power of competitions to engage customers with their brand and products.   ~Scott

April 2015: Everything is running smoothly here at Australian Competitions although we're definitely getting busier as people realise we're fair dinkum about posting fresh, new comps every single day (unlike other 'gunna' comp sites that are gunna post daily, gunna post new comps etc.).   ~Scott

December 2014: My first Christmas season at the helm of Australian Competitions! All I can say is CRIKEY! I've been getting inundated with competitions to post - 12 days of Christmas, 24 days of Christmas, Christmas hampers, prizes to give as gifts for kids, dogs, cats, chickens etc. etc. Sarah actually called to see how I was and when I told her how busy it is she said "Great! That's all the more comps for everyone." She had a very good point :)   ~Scott

August 2014: I'm up an running as the lone admin of Australian Competitions! I've been doing most of daily admin and posting duties for a while now, so the full-time transition was not too difficult. That being said, if I make a mistake or do something differently than the girls please let me know.   ~Scott

July 2014: Dani and I have been unable to run Aussie Comps lately due to other business commitments and it has been decided that as of our first birthday (3 August) Scott (our techie guru) will be completely running Australian Competitions with John and Kelly continuing with the comp research.   ~Sarah