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Win a Huge Navigator Camping Accessories Package

Win a Huge Navigator Camping Accessories Package
Closes^: 30 September 2019
Value*: $ 1,272
Comp Promoter: Parable Productions Pty Ltd (What's Up Downunder) & Navigator

WIN Navigator Camping Accessories - Total Value $1272.28! For more information on all of Navigator's Products head over to their website to find everything you need!

The first valid entrant will the following prize:

2 x Adult Nowhere Chairs $179.98
3 x Utility Buddy $149.97
1 x Sullage Buddy $49.99
1 x 2pck Awning Buddy $49.99

1 x Single Awning Buddy $29.99
1 x Kitchen Buddy $89.99
1 x Outdoor Buddy $89.99
1 x Bin Buddy $89.99
1 x Laundry Buddy $89.99
1 x Build it Seat Buddy $99.99

1 x Kids Pocket Buddy $34.99
1 x Pocket Buddy $34.99
1 x Quick Fix $39.99
1 x Microwave Buddy $29.99
2 x Visor Buddy $49.98

1 x Jar Buddy $27.50
1 x Wine Buddy $29.99
2 x Caps $39.98
2 x Car Decals $20.00
2 x Can Coolers $20.00
2 x Keyring $20.00
1 x Bottle Opener $5.00

Total Promotional Prize Pool is $1,272.28 RRP AUD.
*Prize or prize pool retail value (if known)
^Closing date for entries (if known)

Note: Every competition has its own unique terms, entry methods, entry requirements, prize/s, prize values, closing/draw times, ways of announcing and notifying winners etc. for which the competition promoter is solely responsible. Any questions regarding a giveaway should be directed to the comp promoter NOT AussieComps.com.

*Prize or prize pool retail value (if known)
^Closing date for entries (if known or estimated)